Casa Vino

What it is

Casa Vino is our very first independent line designed exclusively by Pepe Pinedo. (How pepe came across the wood?) Casa Vino is a line that utilizes wine-infused wood! What exactly is wine-infused wood you may ask...Well, the wine industry realized that contact with white oak softens and smoothes wine. Even with some wines, white oak also improves the taste! Our wine-infused wood used in Casa Vino is sourced from Napa Valley, California Central Coast, and Temecula Valley. At these locations, the wooden barrels used to store the wine are made of French Rift-Cut White Oak, an expensive wood that’s hard to come across with its specific cut and all natural stains. From the wooden barrels at the wineries, to our workshop, to your next project location -- Casa Vino is a beautiful way to appreciate wine and wood!

Why it’s Unique

Every piece of wood is unique and like us, wood has it’s very own characteristics. Not only is this wood infused with our favorite beverage, but it’s a repurposed, naturally-stained piece of wood! No chemicals are used to derive the rich reds and purples seen in the wood, it is all penetrated by the different wines. Who knew that wine can be so versatile!

Launching a New Line

Pepe, the founder of Wise Living, knows the ins and outs of production, along with the intricate detail that goes into designing. Upon viewing a batch of wood, Pepe immediately invisions various types of projects and pieces that can transform a space to feel rich and unique. That being said, it is our greatest privilege to announce that we will be releasing a new line of hospitality pieces, catered to set a mood that relaxes you after a long week, or to start an eventful weekend. 

Cheers to a new chapter for Wise Living.