About Us

Our Heritage 

Founded in South Central Los Angeles by Pepe Pinedo, our company, Wise Living inc. was inspired through the Pinedo’s family roots of furniture making. The Pinedo family has been in the furniture industry since they began their journey in the United States. Although Pepe was raised in poverty and in a heavy gang-affiliated area, he had taken what he learned from his past experiences, growing up in South Central, and tunneled it for a drive to improve his future and offer endless opportunities to his family. The year of  2009 was when Pepe officially opened Wise Living inc., which initially focused on casegoods and pieces made from the finest species of woods. Since then, Wise Living inc. has expanded over to the East Coast’s furniture capital, High Point, North Carolina. As a company, our goal is always to improve, while remembering and appreciating our roots and humble beginnings. 

Our Mission

We bring an idea into existence through craftsmanship by encouraging innovation, creativity, & sustainability. Through the collaboration of designers and craftsmen, we aim to protect the quality of our environment, while embracing the natural beauty of our materials.

 Our Purpose

At Wise Living, we treasure the importance of family, whether it's by blood or by the loyalty that qualifies them as such. The purpose of our company is to provide safe, high-quality furniture, while bringing endless opportunities towards prosperity and growth for our neighbors and community.  Given that family is strongly valued as a company, we handcraft everything with consideration to the ones we love and our environment.